Why choose a Tourist Guide?

t’s well known that with modern technology it’s easy to quickly obtain information about a place or a monument, but no matter how much we believe in this technology it’s still no replacement for the human touch. By taking a guided tour, you’ll have at your disposal a local expert who can respond to your questions about historical, artistic, and gastronomic traditions. We strive to satisfy your every curiosity and provide the experiences you will enjoy the most.

From our perspective, giving a guided tour is also an opportunity to exchange impressions and stories with our clients, and is without a doubt one of the greatest pleasures of our profession. Be sure, however, to hire an official Tourist Guide! Italian law restricts the giving of guided tours to those who have passed rigorous exams and have obtained a specialized license as a Tourist Guide. “A tourist guide is one whom, as a profession, accompanies single persons or groups of people with the aim of explaining historic, artistic, monumental, and rural attractions, as well as locally produced resources of the territory.”

Those who practice this activity without the proper qualifications, even if they do not self-identify as a guide, or if they call the guided visits by another name, violate the law and are subject to steep fines. Authorized Tourist Guides possess a identification card, issued by the Region of Tuscany and validated with a stamp by the local municipal government.

Ultimately, the best reason to use a Tourist Guide is the same which drives the law: to have at your disposal a trustworthy professional who can provide you with accurate information about the places you will visit, answer your questions, escort groups or individual tourists, and cater to your every need.


Enjoy your visit!

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