LIVORNOTOUR group is comprised of legally certified Tourist Guides and Escorts with years of experience in tourism and in the fields of history, art history, archaeology and linguistics.

Our guides are licensed to conduct multi-lingual tours in multiple provinces, meaning that they may offer tourist services for nearly all of the region of Tuscany.

As members of the Association of Labronic Tourist Guides (Associazione Guide Turistiche Labroniche) our goal is to provide supremely competent personnel, never forgetting for a moment that a guided tour is also a leisurely activity, designed to be an enjoyable and stimulating experience.

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Through publications, academic research, and the organization of special events, our administration endeavors to promote the traditions and historical-artistic heritage of Livorno and its hinterland. Along with several local institutions, we conduct cultural and touristic marketing and guided tours designed to rediscover and restore important landmarks.

We aim to integrate our extraordinary local heritage with national and international tourism networks. In addition to the multidisciplinary talents which characterize the work of a Tourist Guide, each one of us brings to the Association our own academic studies and advanced professional experience accumulated in Italy and abroad.

We are convinced that a guided tour, rather than the usual boring list of dates and names, should be an unforgettable adventure which transports our visitors through time and space, and we strive continually to include new and innovative experiences in our tours. Whether through interaction with the Arts in music and painting, novel educational experiences for students, or theatrical visits in period costume, together we continue to develop and promote our “Fourth Wall of History” project.